Sources Of Water

In order to waterproof, you need to stop and prevent water from coming into your basement. Water typically enters in through the following:

  • Cracks in the walls or floor
  • Cracks around tie rods and pipe penetrations
  • Cracks in the coveseam
  • Coveseam
  • Walls and floor (pores)
  • Interior drainage system
  • Around windows and doors
  • Other openings

If you want to waterproof, fix the cracks and seal your basement walls and floors. If you live in an area where heavy rain and flooding is common, consider also installing a sump pump.

When choosing a crack repair kit, use a high-pressure polyurethane solution with aluminum injection ports. Stay clear from low pressure kits and kits with plastic surface ports. If there is water present in the crack, look for a hydrophobic polyurethane kit for crack repair.